What's happening around the world?

  • โ€œ$50 miraculously multiplies into $500 for South Korean couple"

  • โ€œThe paralysis that hit the right side of my face is GONE. I can close my eye again and move my lips on the right side. Thank you for your ministry." ย Love, Jeana
  • โ€œLittle girl born blind, eyes open, as she experiences glory atmosphere in Durban, South Africa!โ€

  • "At least 20 diamonds appear in the atmosphere, as people worship the Lord in Broxburn, Scotland"

  • "Cut finger & womans head injury instantly healed as she takes authority over time!โ€
  • "Growth the size of a baseball disappears from woman's breast after prophetic word of knowledge on Friday night"
  • "Angelic activity begins to swirl in London, UK church, confirming God's Word"
  • "Woman with carpal tunnel syndrome testifies to being instantly healed in Halifax, UK after Joshua prays for her"