Prophetic Word for 2015 (Rosh Hashanah Revelations)

By Joshua Mills

We are entering into a new season in the Spirit.  According to the ancient Hebrew calendar, this is the year 5775.  I believe this number is speaking very prophetically into where God is leading us as the body of Christ.  The number "5" symbolizes God's grace, goodness and favor towards humanity and is mentioned 318 times in scripture.  This number at the beginning of the year, speaks about a grace going in, and this same number at the end of the year, speaks about a grace going out.  These two "fives" also represent a double portion of God's goodness and favor that will hold us throughout the year.  It's time to begin studying about the favor of God, and receiving it also.  The same favor that Abraham (Gen 12:13), Isaac (Gen. 26:12) and Jacob (Gen. 33:10) experienced is available for you.  It's actually connected with the wisdom of God (wisdom and favor are always connected according to Proverbs 8:35)... that's why it's time to get into the Word and allow it to flow through you with an expression of favor.

God is giving us a grace to move into some new endeavors, businesses, transactions and even relationships where there has seemed to be a blockage in the past.  He's also giving us a grace to move out of unfruitful seasons.  This is a season where old doors will close, old ties may be cut, you may even feel a grace to leave the "old ways of doing things."

Within this "grace sandwich" of double fives, we see the double portion again.  This speaks of confirmation and acceleration.  The number "7" is the foundation of God's Word (originally divided into 7 major divisions of the Law; the Prophets; the Psalms; the Gospels/Acts; the General Epistles; the Epistles of Paul; and the book of Revelation.  As well as the total number of originally inspired books was forty-nine, or 7 x 7, demonstrating the absolute perfection of God's Word).  Get ready for it to be confirmed and accelerated in your life during this next season.  Do you have some prophetic Words that have been sitting on the shelf for a while?  Do you have some promises yet to be fulfilled?  Get ready to move into them with this new grace.

One other thing I saw happening around the middle of this season was a "fresh wind" of creativity beginning to blow again.  There will be an acceleration in creative arts and worship... new dance... new freedom of expression... designs and inspirations...lots of new songs and new sounds (with a special favor and grace on these as well) that will propel them to the top... this creativity will be world-changing and history making.  Just like the old cathedrals of the past display beautiful frescoes, murals, detailed paintings, sculptures and stain-glassed windows... there will be a fresh wind of creativity that will sweep through the church again.  This time bringing forth progressive artforms from the very realms of heaven.   Also new ideas and solutions coming for the Body of Christ.

Seven is also the number of completeness and perfection... so get ready for some massive shifts both in the physical and spiritual realms.  In this season God wants to align you into the flow of His Spirit like never before.  There will be a supernatural grace for this - not self-willed, but spirit-initiated.  I saw this in regards to personal fitness, health, well-being, mental/emotional, relational.  And it will all come from a place of rest.

Seven also represents the sabbath rest.  The scriptures speak about a "Shemittah Cycle" every seven years... this is the time when debts are forgiven.  God may ask you to let go of outstanding debts that are owed to you during this season.  Be sensitive to hear His voice.  Participating with the realm in this way may bring you greater freedom than you've known in a long time.  The Lord spoke to me clearly and said that this would be a season of supernatural debt cancellation (Deuteronomy 15:1-2).  It will happen in two ways.  #1... You may need to forgive some debts #2... You may need some debts forgiven!  There will be a special grace for both.  This will be personal, but also over entire regions - it will spread and impact many that have been bound by a spirit of mammon, but that's why we must consult God and hear His voice directly in knowing how to navigate with Him through these realms.  Areas where a poverty spirit has been prevalent will begin experiencing the deliverance of God in this supernatural way.  There will be small and large miracles of debt cancellation... begin to take notice.  While I was ministering in Broxburn, Scotland recently the Lord led me to release this specific portion of the Word He had given me for this season.  I declared this prophetic Word of supernatural debt cancellation over Scotland on the evening of Wednesday, October 1st... and the very next morning the newspapers declared "Wonga to write off 220 million pounds of customers debts"..!  The Lord gave us a confirming sign of what He is doing during this season.  Some that were in that meeting received this debt cancellation.  Two additional news stories broke that same day confirming again this Word from the Lord (read them by clicking here and here).  That very evening as we were celebrating the goodness of God in worship another supernatural sign appeared in our midst as approximately 20 to 30 sparkling diamonds appeared all throughout the congregation to those that were worshiping. 

It's unexplainable, but I believe it was another confirming sign of where God is leading us in this season.  Into a place of rest... where there is divine debt cancellation... overflowing provision... and... HEALING!  Jesus healed on the sabbath (John 5) as an indicator that healing comes in the rest of God.  Not only will physical bodies, emotions, spiritual matters and finances be healed, but there will also be a healing of the land.  I began to see this clearly while I was ministering in East London, South Africa at the beginning of September.  God wants to heal the land.  Restoring that which has been lost.  Begin believing for it.  Focus on 2 Chronicles 7:14.  I also saw this connected to a healing of the womb.  Wombs being healed in this next season.  It's part of God fulfilling promises... bringing completion and perfection.  Some couples who have been struggling for a long time will begin to conceive and carry during this next season.  When I saw the double seven's of this season, not only did it speak "double portion" to me, but while I was preaching in Sedona and sharing portions of this revelation, I heard the Lord say "it's twins!"  We will see many twins being born during this time.  Interestingly enough, after releasing that word, the October 27th edition of People magazine announced that both Zoe Saldana and another celebrity couple are unusually expecting twins!

We are also entering into a season where the "Men of God" need to arise.  This is the time for God's men to take their rightful position in their homes, families, businesses, ministries and spheres of influence.  This is the season for 7 different men of God to arise.  We will see the rise of:

#1. Moses' (Joshua 14:6) - Godly/God-fearing leadership

#2. David's (2 Chronicles 8:14) - Beloved men after God's own heart.

#3. Samuel's (1 Samuel 9:6,14) - Those that are highly respected as they speak the truth

#4. Shemiah's (1 Kings 12:22) - Prophetic voices that bring unity/supernatural bridge builders

#5. Elijah's (1 Kings 17:18) - Men that will operate in the purity and power of genuine signs and wonders

#6. Elisha's (2 Kings 5:8) - Wise protoges that will discern and pick up dormant mantles that are waiting to be received

#7. Igdaliah's (Jeremiah 35:4) - Men who walk in the great strength and might of the Spirit and Word

There are so many things that the Lord showed me about this next season... reminding me of the 7 churches and 7 Angels.  There will be a purification process in the church (season of transition from old systems to new paradigms).  Angelic activity will be a part of what God is doing and it's connected with fire (remember fire heals the land as it cleanses, purifies, etc).

I invite you to begin praying into this Word that the Lord gave to me for this new season.  As it begins to resonate within your spirit, ask God how you can participate with it.  I believe that when we ask God for a divine breakthrough, He will always give us a divine instruction.  There are some keys within this word that will unlock this next season for you as you begin to receive clarity about where He is leading you.  Remain faithful to Him in a spirit of worship and you will enter into the blessings of this next realm!  God Bless... Joshua Mills.

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