A Golden Thread (Prophetic Vision for India)

By Joshua Mills

I woke up on the morning of January 30th, 2015 in Bangalore, India... I had come out of a very vivid vision that the Lord had given me in regards to India and I want to share the details of it with you below:

I saw a golden thread begin to "stitch" across the land... it seemed to be going in and out of various cities and places across the nation (the exact cities were unclear, but I could see that there were many of them that were begin linked by this golden thread)... the most interesting thing about the stitching is that it seemed to go in and out from a central point, and as I was seeing this I felt as though I was in the location of that point which was Bangalore.

As the golden thread went in and out, across and around the nation, I began to see a beautiful web beginning to appear and I heard the word "Networking"... instantly I knew that this was a day when God was networking ministries and churches across India to partner together for the greater revival that the Holy Spirit desires to birth within the nation.  I believe many Pastors, Business Men and Women, and other leaders will be networked together in the coming days... it's not about denomination... but it's about God's dominion.  He desires to create this beautiful networking of men and women joining together to see the greater glory exploding across India.

As I was pondering upon this "networking" suddenly the vision changed and I realized that I was looking at a net.  It became a net that was lowered down into the land and I was reminded of the scripture where Jesus instructs the men to lower the net into deeper waters.  God is wanting to establish this networking in order to lower a net into deeper spiritual waters within the nation of India.  God's heart is to release those who have been held captive by a spirit of religion... bringing freedom and liberation to the prisoners... and as I watched that net being lowered into India, I saw it become FULL of fish.  There was so much fish the net could hardly contain them all.  It was overflowing and wonderful.  This is the key that God is giving to India in this day to bring forth the greater HARVEST..!

God's eyes and heart is towards India... His desire is for her.  The days ahead will be days of revival and glory as the Spirit brings forth this golden thread and the people of God within the land begin to respond.