MAY I Bless You?

By Joshua Mills

This is YOUR Month for receiving the supernatural Blessings of God..!
Dear Friend...


May is the month of Blessings!


Several years ago the Lord spoke to me prophetically about the month of May, and I felt Him asking me this question... "May I Bless You?" He wasn't asking me the question of whether or not He could do it... but the Lord seemed to be asking this question of whether or not I would be willing to receive it.


My immediate response was:


"YES LORD... I want to be blessed!"


"YES LORD... I want You to bless me!"


"YES LORD... do whatever YOU want to do"


And that's when the Lord began to show me something. You know, whenever God speaks He will bring revelation into your life. He will allow you to see something you've never seen before. God asked me the question "May I Bless You?" but then He allowed me to receive this special insight into the Glory Realm: God will always ask YOU to do something possible so that HE can do something impossible!


Proverbs 19:17 asks YOU to be kind to the poor... so that GOD can repay you.


2 Corinthians 9:6 asks YOU to sow a generous seed... so that GOD can bring a generous harvest.


Hebrews 11:6 asks YOU to use your faith... so that GOD can release Miraculous Rewards.


Deuteronomy 8:18 asks YOU to remember the Lord in all that you do... so that GOD can create supernatural wealth in your life.


These are all very amazing revelations... because if we understand that God wants to bless us, we must
recognize the stream in which these blessings flow. As we sow to the heavens, God begins to sow to the earth..!  Every action on earth creates a reaction in heaven. 


I believe that THIS MONTH God wants to bless you beyond measure... overflowing in an abundant outpouring in your life that is unstoppable and uncontainable... An endless River of Miracles and Divine Provision. Are you ready for it?


I want you to discern the moment...

Discern the seed and discern the soil...

Discern your Harvest in this month of May.

This is a month of blessings for You!


Ever since the Lord gave me this special message for the month of May, our ministry and personal lives have experienced a special grace during this month for unusual and supernatural BLESSINGS!  


You can position yourself to receive these blessings along with us. Sow a seed into the Glory today..! 



We have received countless testimonies from those we have ministered to... as they grabbed hold of this prophetic word and received an impartation!  Several weeks ago the Lord spoke so clearly to me and told me that we were entering into a season where new winds of Glory would begin blowing upon the children of God.  THIS IS THE SEASON WE ARE IN RIGHT NOW!


This is a month of unusual healing miracles!

This is a month of breakthrough for your family!

This is a month of heavenly provision raining down from above!

This is a month of new victories in your businesses and workplace!

This is a month when the constant torments of the enemy cease!

This is a month when the peace of God fills your life in every area!

This is a month when God is going to release homes, vehicles & uncommon blessings in supernatural ways!


I'm prophesying into your life right now... Do you discern the moment? Are you discerning your seed, soil and harvest..?


I believe that God is asking YOU the question this month... "May I Bless You?"


"...God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

- 2 Corinthians 9:8 


This Glory is transferable... and even as I write this right now... I can sense the grace of God for this month of May. I can literally feel this glory for supernatural blessing. It is overwhelming... it is unusual... it is extraordinary... it is uncommon... it is miraculous.


If you want to co-operate with this prophetic word... and grab a hold of it by faith this month... I want to give you an opportunity today to sow into this realm of exponential blessing... are you ready to receive the showers of blessings that are flowing this month? Are you ready to be a generous giver, and in turn become a generous receiver..? Click here to sow a generous seed of ANY AMOUNT into the glory realm. Put your faith out to believe God on and see what He will do for you! I believe that God is giving us this word to bring focus and vision... Beginning this month begin to believe God for greater blessings than ever before... and let it spill over to flood your entire year with His abundance.


In His Great Love,



I would encourage you to watch our online videos, as we go through the book '31 Days of Health, Wealth & Happiness'... it will be a point of contact for you... as you put your faith out to connect with this prophetic word.  Click here to watch.


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