The Glory is Here in San Diego..!

By Joshua Mills

I’m so excited about the things that God’s been doing the last few days in San Diego County.

I've been ministering here at a conference with Jerame and Miranda Nelson.

The tangible presence of God, the prophetic, glory, the miracles, and the hunger of the people along with the unity of pastors and churches coming together has been completely amazing..!

The moment I arrived into San Diego, I felt something so unique… like a whirlwind of Glory within me… and the Lord gave me divine instructions to go back to all the places where I had witnessed great moves of the Spirit (some of you might not be aware, but San Diego was the launching place for my international ministry years ago, as I had the opportunity to participate and lead worship in a county-wide revival that lasted almost a year in the late nineties!). So, I found myself driving all over the county… giving God thanks and praise for all that He’s done… but something happened, where I felt as though I was picking up mantles and deposits of Glory that had been left behind..!

I am carrying a realm of revival glory within me right now! Are you hungry for the move of God? Are you ready to experience ALL that He has for you? If you’re in the SoCal area (San Diego, Los Angeles, OC, Riverside Counties, etc.)

I would encourage you to come and experience what God is releasing here… it is tangible… it is glorious… and it’s for YOU! Yesterday morning after the church service I leaned over to Jerame and asked him if he was willing to extend the meetings… I haven’t done this since experiencing a move of Glory 8 years ago in Victoria, Canada! There is something very special happening here. Jerame and Miranda Nelson really sought the Lord on what they should do, and having felt a witness in the Holy Spirit, they have decided to continue on with extended meetings this week until and including Wednesday night to see what God does (We are sensing that God is in this, and it may be much bigger than we even realize!).

Tonight through Wednesday night meetings will be held at Heart of God Church in Rancho Bernardo at 7:30pm every night. I am committed to being there and flowing in the Glory. The speaker schedule for the following meetings will be determined by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

All are welcome. Bring those who are lost, need miracles or a touch from heaven! The Glory is Here..!

UPDATE: Meetings have been extended into THE FIRE & GLORY OUTPOURING... Nightly at 7.30pm.