:: A T M O S P H E R E S ::

By Janet Mills

God responds to Atmospheres as our Atmospheres respond to God!

As I've traveled around the world for the past 20 years, I've discovered that atmospheres play a very significant part in understanding how people receive from the presence of God's Glory. Just last weekend while I was ministering in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Pastor Wyatt Moore made the comment to me that above everything else that happened over the weekend, the most outstanding thing he noticed was the weight of the 'Atmosphere of Glory' that was present in the meetings.
When the atmosphere of heaven shows up, miracles happen with ease. Struggle and striving are no longer the dominating forces when you invite the very presence of God to fill your spaces (spirit, soul and body). Within that atmosphere we experienced the gold dust beginning to manifest upon many people, a supernatural fragrant oil began flowing from my hands with the smell of Roses (on several occasions the fragrance of heaven filled the room), and so many people gave testimony of the healing power of God that was at work... curing them of their illnesses and diseases... anything can happen in the atmosphere of God's Glory!
I believe that your atmosphere is important to the Lord.
* In the Bible as the Angels stirred the waters of Bethesda an atmosphere for healing was released. (See John 5:2-3)
* An atmosphere for deliverance was created when David the psalmist began to play music upon the harp. (See 1 Samuel 16:23)
* When the widow gave generously of her last meal, it set into motion an atmosphere for supernatural prosperity that released multiplication into her life. (See 1 Kings 17:7-16)
God wants to give you an atmosphere for miracles everyday of your life!
I believe that I've been given a mandate from the Lord to share these supernatural revelations about creating an atmosphere for miracles and success... so that you will be able to function in your utmost ability and demonstrate the glory realm here on earth.
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Are you ready to change your atmosphere? Are you ready to experience new successes on a daily basis?
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