February Prophetic Word

By Joshua Mills

This is the month of God's love and I sense that He's inviting us to go deeper into His heart to discover a new place of power.  He's giving you an invitation to know His love in a way that you've never known before.  It comes as you spend time with Him in His presence.  God loves you... Jesus love you... the Holy Spirit loves you... and they are inviting you today to experience this pure love that flows from heaven into your heart.

I hear the Spirit of God saying: "Open up, let my love fill you completely.  There are still places inside of you that have yet to be filled with my love.  Open up, even more, and see that I will release an increase of my love in you that will bring forth an increase of my power through you.  My perfect love flowing into you right now is causing fears and failures to disappear.  I am releasing my love to you today that new miracles might begin to appear.  Let go of past disappointments or even feelings of guilt and shame... for even as my love washes over you right now, you will never be the same.  Let my love increase.  Let my love increase to you. Let my love increase in you.  Let my love increase through you.  I desire to fill you with my love so that you might be able to release my love everywhere you go.  For know that there are many people who are waiting... relying... depending upon my love, and yet the only way they will be able to receive it fully, is as I release it through you, my chosen vessel.  Open up today, that I might fill you more... causing my love to spill over and overflow in Rivers of power.  Let my love fill you completely, says the Lord." 

"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement..." 
~ Philemon 1:7

Stay focused on God's love for you this month.