Supernatural Oil begins flowing from hands in San Diego!

By Joshua Mills

We have been experiencing some of the most wonderful times in the presence of God over these past 23 nights of Revival in San Diego, California.  Tonight at the Fire and Glory Outpouring, as I was preaching from Psalm 92, I got caught up on verse 10 "...I am anointed with fresh oil (for Your service)" (Amplified Version)... and although I intended to read through the entire chapter, I couldn't seem to "get away" from this portion.  There was oil on this Word.  I encouraged the people in attendance to lift their hands into the glory and receive that fresh oil.  It's not old oil... it's not yesterday's oil... I even told them it wasn't Monday's oil, but it was Tuesday's oil... Oil for today... Fresh oil!  At once, Pastor Mark Griffo, who was sitting in the front row began to feel what he explained as an electric tingling sensation in his hands, and SUDDENLY, they began to drip with the miraculous manifestation of supernatural oil.  It was wonderful.  It was a sign, that God indeed was releasing this fresh oil upon us.  We could sense it in the atmosphere spiritually, but what a wonderful confirmation of God's Word as we all saw the physical manifestation of it.  Many people in the room began to experience the gold dust and golden oil beginning to appear on their hands as we moved deeper into this realm.  I wanted to share these pictures with you to encourage you and build you up in your faith for the miraculous!

We are continuing to meet nightly at 7.30pm in San Diego... God is releasing a new move of His Spirit among us... we invite you to come and join us..!

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