Quotes on Revival Glory

By Ruth Ward Heflin

Quotes from ‘Revival Glory’ by Ruth Ward Heflin.

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“The glory of God is bringing revival, and if we want more revival we must make room for the glory. This is the greatest need of the hour.”

“Our failure to make room for the glory in our services is the most common reason that the glory is not seen and experienced in church after church across America and around the world. I believe that most of the necessary elements are in place, but we simply don’t give God a chance. We don’t make room for Him to work. We don’t make room for the glory.”

“It is not for us to say how the glory will affect us. We must make room for God to do in us what He wants.”

“Prophecy is the voice of revival. Let your prophetic voice bring forth the revival. You’ll save yourself thousands of hours of vain activities.”

“Revival is bringing an acceleration of the purposes of God in the Earth, and an important part of the revival is the revealing to us of our Bridegroom.”

“If you have been sidetracked by trying a particular method that has borne fruit for someone else, turn back to find the Lord’s presence. He is more important than a method, a system, or a program. Come back to the simplicity of His presence.”

“Under the cloud is the only place of safety. It is the only place of divine health. It is the only place of guaranteed provision. It is the only place of sure revelation. It is the only place which guarantees us salvation for our households and our Nation.”

“When you discover things that seem to contribute to the glory, do those things more; and when you find things that seem to diminish the glory, stop doing them. It’s as simple as that.”

“What hinders us is rarely something complicated. We don’t have major problems that need to be overcome, but minor adjustments that need to be made.”

“It is through the revelation of the Spirit that you will be elevated.”

“What God wants to do in these last days can only be accomplished in the Glory Realm.”

“God’s presence is the glory.”

“Revival is spontaneous, and we must learn to be spontaneous.”

“There is a rhythm to the glory, and when we speak of the glory cloud, we speak of moving.”

“Ordinary people are seeing things that only great people knew of in days gone by.”