Becoming A Miracle Worker - Lesson #17

By Joshua Mills

Today is a very special day.  December 17th is Janet Angela's birthday!  For our family, birthday's are always great days for celebration.  We love celebrating the joy we bring to each others lives.  Today I want to celebrate Janet Angela.  She is the most amazing woman that I know!  God has given her a special grace and strength to wear many hats... as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, minister-of-the-gospel and author she has impacted thousands of lives around the world.  Would you take a moment today to send her a birthday greeting and let her know how much her ministry of love has touched your life?  


In honor of Janet Angela's birthday today, I want to teach you about the connection between partnership and Miracles.  God has given me a wonderful partner in Janet Angela.  A life partner.  A ministry partner.  A miracle partner!  And I know this... God loves partnership!
Partnership creates Miracles... Partnership releases Uncommon Blessings... Partnership is able to connect you with a supernatural dimension of Heavenly Opportunity!
There's no doubt that Partnership intensifies the anointing and power of God in your life!
"...One have chased a thousand, but two have put ten thousand to flight." ~ Deut. 32:30 (NIV)
God is always looking for a supernatural partnership in the earth. Isn't it amazing that when Jesus began to send out His disciples for the work of the ministry, He sent them out in pairs (Mark 6:7,13). They didn't go alone... because God knew that something supernatural would happen if there was a partnership involved.
Look at Psalm 133... read the entire passage.  It's all about God's blessing dwelling on the place of divine partnership.

God is actively looking for a place where He can command His blessing to rest. The scriptures tell us that there is a supernatural oil of blessing that appears upon the place of agreement. Throughout time God has always looked for a partner that would be willing to be used by Him, in order to experience a greater Glory!
? When God wanted to release supernatural provision He needed an impoverished widow that was simply obedient (2 Kings 4)
? When God wanted to release the promise of His Holy Spirit upon the earth, He needed prayerful people that were simply willing to follow instructions (Luke 24:49; Acts 2:1-2)
? When God wanted to redeem mankind and bring salvation to humanity He needed Jesus.
You see, through partnership, God is able to manifest tangible blessings in the earth. You don't need to try and logically figure out how God will work the miracle... You only need to have FAITH to believe that He who promised is faithful to His Word (Hebrews 10:23). The Word says:
"...with God all things are possible"  ~ Matthew 19:26 (NIV)
That word "WITH" means someone else is involved. That word "WITH" means there is a partnership involved in the situation. That word "WITH" means something supernatural will happen when someone decides to get on God's team.
We believe that SUPERNATURAL GLORY is transferred into your life, as you come into partnership with this ministry... and we don't take this connection lightly. We know it's something that must be prompted by the Spirit of God within you - to connect us TOGETHER... to carry the message and manifestation of God's love and healing to a hurting world.

We pray daily for our ministry partners... sometimes even calling you directly with a word of encouragement. We call our partners 'Miracle Workers' because we believe that's what God desires to release through their lives as we are divinely joined together in His plan.
God designed partnership for the success of every believer. Divine Partnership brings the promise of Divine Possibilities! Read: Philippians 1:2-7.

J if you're not already a partner with this ministry, would you consider becoming a Miracle Worker today?  We want to teach you, mentor you and make a divine connection with you to see an impartation of the Glory released through your life.

Every one-time gift of $360 or more automatically qualifies you as a 'Miracle Worker Partner' or you can sign up here to give on a monthly basis (whatever works better for you!) and we will send you quarterly 'Miracle Worker Packages' with special books, CDs and other Glory resources!  Click here to sow your seed online.
Our connection together with God's hand creates a connection with His Miracle plan..!

In His Great Love,
Joshua & Janet Angela Mills