Prophetic Word // 2018

By Joshua Mills



Once again being reminded of the Spirits words to me in regards to the exploration of inner and outer space. There will be deeper exploration in the realms of glory.

Inner Space (the realm within us):
- A moment for discovering new capabilities...and conquering past inadequacies. 
- Spirit Power being released to you from inside out. Greater is He that is IN YOU.
- Begin to look for it and the Spirit will show you. Greater revelation comes to give you greater manifestation... but this will also require a greater activation.
- This is the time to take action
- where you’ve hesitated in the past... there is no longer time for delay. Time is running out. The timeline is shortening on many things...
I sense an urgency to ACT:
- Now is the time to spread the gospel. Doors are open for it now. But it is a window. The timeline is shortening. Windows open and windows close.
Now is the time. It is open. But there is an urgency to act because of whats coming.
- Now is the time to engage in kingdom business. Gods wisdom is being released to know what to do and how to do it. Act on it. Dont just think on it. Many dreamers...not many doers. Its time to be a doer of the Word thats come to you through prophecy.
- its time to step out into the manifestation of prophecy. Time to act on whats been spoken. Window is open now. But windows open and windows close. Even in relationships there is an open window for impartation right now. Do not lose the moment. 
The unction must come from within and work its way out. Greater sensitivity to the Spirit is required. The exploration of inner space will reveal places where trust must be secured. Greater trust will bring greater peace.
This is a new dimension that needs to be explored within this frame. Finding God's keeping peace. Peace that sustains. Its a realm. In the midst of the storm you must turn within. In the midst of the chaos you must turn within. God is dealing with trust issues. Where fear has tried to prevail, God is asking if you will trust Him in it. Peace will not be given from without. But from within there will be a greater understanding of peace that comes from the Spirit. Your inner strength will be secured in a greater measure this year.... TRUST brings PEACE brings STRENGTH. I heard the words "Terror has its hour" but you will REST in the Secret Place of Psalm 91. Security will continue to be a concern..and new breakthroughs in secure systems utilizing technologies of sight and sound will be brought to the forefront. Get ready to HEAR it. Shift in the natural:

The Spirit is moving upon your DNA. There are even Angels ascending and descending upon your DNA like Jacobs ladder. Ministering deep within....even to the very fibers of your being. New health breakthroughs are coming. The revelation of eternity and the ageless realm are ready for scientific put into motion the process of age reversal and the restoration of youth. What has been spoken from prophetic insight will become visibly demonstrated even through medical science in the days to come. The merge must come and it must come quickly. The two streams of wisdom and healing working together. They are both from God and have been working separately in two spheres, but there is a combining of these streams. New centers being established for wisdom...revelatory scientific insight and divine healing to be merged. You will see these centers begin to establish a higher level of the bar is being raised.

I see a spiritual General falling down and being lifted up. The mantle upon his shoulders will be distributed to thousands of soul winners. Acceleration. Time is speeding up. Time is running out. The end of time is drawing near, but the work of the harvest is upon us. The falling of the general will signal a new spiritual era. 2018. New beginnings. Also new medical technologies coming to the forefront... Explorations in inner space...but also explorations in outer space.

New energy sources will be discovered on other planets. New resources and new advances for interplanetary travel. There is a connection between what happens inside with what we see outside. What we begin to see happen in outer-space is a clue as to what is taking place in inner space. Greater advances in both of these realms.

Get ready for the church to shift again. Disruptions in man’s corruption. God will not give His glory to another. You will see the glory breaking forth according to the thrust of the anointing. Gods people must allow it to be poured out...smeared over...and marinate within it. The full process of the anointing will enable the full release of the Glory and that glory will come wave upon wave. I see it as a tidal wave that will overtake our old mindsets, restricted beliefs and personal hesitations. As we submit to the wave, it will wash over and through us and create something new upon us.